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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day in the Philippines

The main time for celebration here in the Philippines is Christmas Eve. Now it is Christmas Day, Mary Ann is at the beauty parlour relaxing, along with Saffron, our 1 year old daughter. How, you may ask, can she relax there if our little daughter is with her?

There's a simple answer to that. Even if it is not one of her regular haunts, Saffron will enchant one or more of the staff and they will gladly take care of her, go for a walk, show her around the building, whatever it takes to keep her occupied. People really love children here in the Philippines and there will always be a keen child minder, a temporary yaya, at hand.

That is particularly so with Saffron. Having a white skin, and being very pretty and sociable, she attracts extra attention from everybody, young and old. Children gather round her as soon as she steps outside the house, rushing up to play, to hold, to sing, to dance. Saffron loves all the attention, and unless she is very tired, will respond with a smile and a laugh, will clap her hands, and do her own little dance. I can imagine, now, though, that it will be adults all wanting to make a fuss of her while Mary Ann has her period of relaxation and whatever beauty treatment she may be indulging in.

So I have come online just to clear the junk mail from the Inboxes, and do a bit of reading on RSS feeds, part of the continuous self-education process you need to go through if you want to succeed in an online business. It will not be a full day working online, just a brief visit until Mary Ann and Saffron arrive home.

Happy Christmas and New Year wherever you are in the world!


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