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Friday, December 24, 2004

A Time For Preparation

It seems that for much of December I have been clearing the decks, trying to get into some sort of priority the results of much research on having an online business. When it comes to earning money online, the internet is so awash with information and advice, it is very difficult to eliminate the dross and come out with a few gold nuggets. Now, though, I am feeling as though I have seen through the fog. I am confident 2005 will be a time of less research and more "doing", focussing on those things I have decided are truly worthwhile.

It is a good feeling, to feel calm and focussed, having a clear idea of where you are going, or at least have a sense of great anticipation. When it comes to my future online business I have all those things at this time, and am enjoying every moment of it.

It is because of this sense of well being and anticipation, that a few days ago I was pondering over other moments in my life when I had a similar feeling of calm anticipation, an overwhelming confidence that I was at a crucial but wonderful moment in my life where something great was about to happen.

Three such moments in my life came to mind immediately and with supreme clarity. They were moments when I felt cool, calm and excited about the future. Moments when I felt that I was alive and, above all, really ME. Moments of amazing anticipation when I had good reason to look forward to the future.

Surprisingly, perhaps, they were all at low points in my past. Extreme low points that were truly a test of character. I was, of course, not aware of them like that at the time. But the fact that, all these years later, those three moments are still vivid, must surely attest to their importance.

Looking back now they were all points of significant changes in direction. I had never connected the three moments in any way before, but maybe together they were part of the reason I chose the domain name for my website: a few months back.

I will recount all three after Christmas. But today, Christmas Eve, I will just enjoy the positive feelings and thoughts I have today. They are unique, not spawning from a low point, but an already high point in my life. Now that is something I want to enjoy over Christmas without recalling low points.

A very happy Christmas and New Year to anyone who might be reading this.


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