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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

More Wasted Time Getting Website Traffic

Yesterday I wrote about "out with the old" when I talked about free internet advertising that seemed to be a waste of time, and in my case, money. I decided in December I would dispense of my FFA and classified sites as they meant practically no good quality website traffic.

Since the turn of the year, I have also concluded that I must dispense with safelists, another time waster when it comes to increasing website traffic. To run a worthwhile test, I had decided to use a company who claimed to be the "black tie" of safelist submitters. At least, I thought, that would take out much of the time element. The service was again excellent, but as I expected, the results negligible. Safelists are full of people trying to sell to you, so you would not expect great results. I did actually get a few sign ups, but out of the millions of ads going out every week that was not very impressive. As with FFA's and classifieds, the cost of the black tie service was not really justified, though to anyone who did actually get good results, it would be a good service.

With so many safelist memberships, I then had the expense of setting up another email account capable of receiving and deleting many thousands of emails. So, I did that and that worked very well, though it just emphasised the futility of it all. Thousands of people every day mailing each other and then deleting them without reading them. That's not my idea of spending a productive day at work. What was such a waste of time though was the emails from the safelist owners. I had naively given one of my main email addresses, and my first task everyday became clearing all their junk out. Again, not a productive use of time.

Although the submitter I used could join you automatically to all the safelists on their books, you could not remove yourself without contacting each one separately. Over 1000 of them. So I wasted a load more time telling everyone who used that email address, who I wanted to hear from, to change it. Then I deleted the email address.

In my planning for this year, to increase the quality and traffic to my new website, I had decided back in November that much of my time would be devoted to writing content and articles, plus learning about RSS. By dumping safelists, plus my FFA and Classified sites, I have freed up a fair bit of time each day, lost practically nothing in the way of website traffic, and saved about $60 a month. Seems not just a good business decision, but a positive effect on my day.


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