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Roy Thomsitt was born in London in 1950. His early ambition was to be a writer, and he did manage to churn out a few stories, novels, tv plays and poems by the time he was 23. They all had one thing in common - they were not good. At least, not good enough or commercial enough to succeed. That's life! Change direction, move on, maybe come back and try again after a detour.

Making no money from writing, though getting a lot of satisfaction from it, Roy had concluded by the age of 20 that he needed something to fall back on. Looking ahead, the mix of finance and computing seemed a good one. So he would work in one or the other, try to save some money, then spend time writing with the savings. Along came marriage, children, and the need for serious income. Dreams of writing for a living were shelved until the age of 50 at least. He belatedly studied to become a professional management accountant. It was during that time that he became interested in marketing, having to study it as part of the qualification.

With a dislike of the boring side of "figures", he was drawn to the creative side of management accounting. Project management, mixed in with what was basically change management, became his specialism. He got involved with some large British government projects, which involved a significant change of direction to those affected. The implementation of new computerised accounting systems; the establishment of a new government agency as part of it's commercialisation process; and finally Project Leader for a government privatisation.

The final project was professionally very satisfying, but left him with the feeling: "Well, what do I do now? Any other project will be a let down after that. And what did I get out of it apart from experience?"

He put his mind to work on what sort of business he could do to get away from the commuting rat race. Something that could be done from home. Standing in a hot, over crowded commuter train one evening, he had the idea. Having been involved in outsourcing in a big way, he started to think small. His wife at the time was doing a good job at selling advertising space in a small local paper. Surely, there were small independent magazines around who would be interested in outsourcing their advertising sales? Another change of direction was in the offing.

She got things going from home, and slowly but surely the business started to take shape. It required patience and her hard work. Add in a lucky break here, some word of mouth there, and things were eventually under way. Not enough for Roy to quit the day job quickly, but after 3 years or so, enough to give confidence that there was enough business out there to sustain them. It was in to the business full time.

It was during that time in the mid 1990s that Roy began to see the potential for internet marketing, but not many people, even large companies, were really ready for it, and internet speeds were painfully slow. Having the ability to work from home, Roy and his wife could move the business anywhere in the UK. It was not bringing in a vast amount of money, but enough to get by. They moved away from the busy south east of England to the beautiful Dorset coastline. A dream come true for Roy. A situation that many stuck in the rat race would envy. They set up an office to expand.

No sooner had they got there than another major change of direction was about to hit home. Separation and divorce. That brought with it massive financial pressures as well as the emotional upheaval. But in the calm after the storm, Roy had the realisation he could rewrite his future. He had imagined as a child living on a tropical island. He loved travelling, and was hitch hiking around Europe at 16, so liked adventure. His decision was soon made to leave England and settle in a warmer climate. You can read more of this, if you really want to, in the Personal Zone.

Moving to the Philippines was a leap of faith, but Roy had the faith that he could make something of it and start again. Somewhere hot, where the people were very hospitable, and where the cost of living was low. He had been in the country a couple of years before he decided what he would do to earn a living in the future. He learnt all he could about building a website and internet marketing. The fruits of that labour can now been seen in this website and www.gifts-for-xmas.com , plus away from there at a friend's website he built for her: www.real-estate-palawan-philippines.com . Additionally, there are a few affiliate programs for which Roy sends customers direct to the merchant's site.

"I realise now I have a great deal of knowledge. But much of it has yet to be fully put into practice," says Roy. "The other thing I have found, though, is there is such a lot of nonsense out there which is a trap for the unwary looking to fulfil their dream of an online business. I hope I can at least help a few people get off to a firm start, not find themselves on a slippery downhill slope right from the beginning. Avoiding that is largely common sense, but I hope that my professional training will at least help me guide people, including myself, to the routes that are most likely to work positively."

Roy Thomsitt 2004


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"No, I have not made a million on the internet and retired to some beautiful tropical location. I have settled on a beautiful tropical island because changes in my life allowed me to, and I took a leap of faith. The point is, you can run an online business from just about anywhere. Your life can be yours to control."  

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