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Rhyme…..And Reason to Celebrate 2005

I guess you’re sick and tired by now

Of seeing ads and sites

That promise rags to riches soon,

A biz op that delights.


“Become a millionaire next week

Or at latest, by next month’s end,”

You’ve seen them all, and some you’ve tried,

They drive you round the bend.


Aaah, hang on there, here comes one more,

With flashy lights and sounds,

Online it looks so good to you

You could earn a million pounds!


But hang on a while, this one’s brand new

You’ll just see who’s behind it

You look for names or business address,

Behold, you cannot find it.


That’s no good, you don’t like that,

You need to know the guys who run it,

Cos if your money disappears

You’d like to know who’s done it.


Your shoulders drop, you sigh despair,

What are you going to do?

You really want an online biz

That’s suited just to you.


A business whose address is real,

That you can contact, if you must,

One that’s been around for years

Above all that you can trust.


And there’s one more important thing,

It seems obvious when you say it,

When you succeed and earn a lot

That the company will definitely pay it.


Despair no more, there’s a company

That in January 2005

Will celebrate it’s 7th anniversary

Since on the internet it went live.


The fact it’s been around so long

Doesn’t mean it’s in a stale state,

Quite the opposite in fact

It continues to innovate.


In the year 2004 alone

It introduced two innovations

The handsome profits its members earned

Meant appreciative ovations.


Those innovations were RSVP

And in December MVP

Now there’s even better times ahead

In 2005, you will surely see.



To read more of what I have to say about Empowerism,

RSVP and MVP please click here.

© Roy Thomsitt 2004


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