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Where You Want to be in 5 Years

Well, how did you get on with the exercise? When I did it over a decade ago, I was actually very surprised at the result. In fact, I was quite shocked. I did not force the result in any way, which is perhaps why I was so surprised by it. My perfect day in 5 years time bore absolutely no relationship to my situation when I did the exercise! My life was totally transformed, my career as it was then played no part 5 years down the road. In my perfect day, I was living by the sea, the day was mine; I went walking when I wanted; relaxed when I wanted; I worked when I wanted doing I didn't know what. But the point was, whatever I did, I did it from home, in a different place, somewhere I was happy and relaxed.

What was so interesting then was that I had no conscious thoughts of running my own business. Really, I had little idea why my "perfect day" came to the surface in that way at that time. But the wonderful thing was, it all happened a few years down the road from then. Everything fell into place that made it happen. Visualization, inspired it seems by my deep sub-conscious, somehow cleared a path for me to follow. Its invisible sign posts took me where, deep down, I knew I needed to go. Or maybe it was just sheer coincidence. It does not matter. The fact is, it happened.

Hopefully you too have an idea where you want to be and what you want to be doing in 5 years. I hope too that you can use visualization to help you along the way. Why not? It's free, and its under your control. I live on an island where there is still rainforest. If you want to trek through the jungle, it's best to have someone cutting a way through ahead of you to make the path easier. In your life's achievements yet to come, you can use visualisation to prepare the path. It will still be tough, but much easier. You still need to be alert though. There are a lot of poisonous snakes out there in the online business jungle.

Filling in the Plan for Your New Business

Visualisation is not generally regarded as a business tool, but business planning is. At this early stage, your plan may be very vague indeed. You may not even have any products or services; you may not even be sure you want to try and run your own business at all. Nevertheless, some sort of outline plan will tell you the direction you will probably be going. You can always revamp it later. That's your prerogative. Remember, you're the boss now! This part of the website is about YOU!

Roy Thomsitt 2004



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