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Where Can I Have My Website Hosted?

First of all, let's consider the issue of free hosting. If you are serious about an online business, it is very important for your credibility to fist of all have your own domain or domains, and secondly to have control over your website host. People are not impressed by a business that uses a free service, and you will probably not be impressed by the customer service. Why skimp on a few dollars a month? It really is not worth trying to save that amount when it damages your business prospects to do so.

There are a large number of international website hosting services available, many of which offer excellent value for small and large business users. You need to ensure there is a guaranteed service up-time of 99.9%+, that the hosting company has live help, loads of disk space (500mb plus), loads of email addresses, and will host your domains and sub-domains. There is no need to pay more than $10 a month. The customer service of the web hosting company is critical, as if there is ever a problem, you need it dealt with promptly. So, make sure you test that side out in advance. Just think of a question or two to ask them, and see how well they respond.

I use Front Page for web design, and the two companies I have used in the past year have both been very good. The other thing to consider is likely reliability and efficiency. Let's face it, the US has been at this business for longer than the rest of us, and they know what customer service means. Or at least, the good companies do. So it's best to think internationally. Wherever you are in the world, there's a good chance you will get the best package in the US. The service is international. By the way, I am not American, so their is no patriotism here. I live on a remote tropical island, in the South China Sea, so practicality is something I have to consider. I have experienced no problems with Onsmart and Startlogic.

For the past 18 months I have used Onsmart for my friend's website They have provided a good reliable service, and always been there to deal with any problem I have had. I am happy to recommend them. You can learn more about their website hosting service here. 

When I started working on this website in June 2004 I selected another hosting service.  This was not because I had any problem with Onsmart. It was because I had read somewhere that search engines may disregard links, for ranking purposes, if they are between sites on the same server. I don't know how true that is, but decided to keep the property site and this one separate as far as hosting was concerned. The company I use for this site came highly recommended, and offer an excellent deal also. I have been very happy with the service so far. You can find out more about their hosting service by going to the StartLogic website.

Even more recently, I have discovered Site Build It Basic. Their package is inclusive of hosting, but includes a whole lot more: website development tools, search engine optimisation, search engine submission and monitoring, keyword analysis plus so many other things within the inclusive price. Before you make any commitment to separate hosting, website development, search engine optimisation service, and search engine submission, it is worth considering Site Build It. Why not take a quick tour of Site Build It's capabilities?  It will not only host your website, but help you step-by-step to create a website that really attracts visitors and ultimately sells your chosen products. And it helps you get ahead of the game when it comes to search engine rankings. Site Build It is a value added product that adds value to your website and brings results. The price is surprisingly low, the benefits potentially enormous.

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