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The Techie Driven Internet

Another reason that internet marketing is like a maze in a haze is that the internet has, to date, been largely techie driven. In the early days, it was pretty much the domain of the internet geeks. So the first to see opportunities in any numbers were those same geeks. It was not marketers, but the techies. The marketers are belatedly scrambling in, after the fraudsters, the scam merchants, and the porn merchants. That's an over simplification, of course, but there's a fair dose of truth in it. It was the techies first though. Good for them!

This is another reason the internet revolution has been so different from other revolutions in communications. The techies behind the printing press, radio, and TV were not the first clamouring to use those new media to market, to sell. That all came at a leisurely pace later. But in the case of the internet, it's been so different. It was so glaringly obvious that if you could reach a vast audience, in a few seconds, there must be ways of making money, so the geeks saw it first. It was so obvious, the porn merchants and fraud merchants were up and running in no time. But maybe the big advertising agencies did not want to get their hands dirty in this strange new internet world. It was too technical. The old aversion to computers was still there. And I can imagine that within many big companies, it was the computer department saying: "Hands off. The internet's our job, not the marketing department's  job. This is for us computer guys".

What glamour is there, anyway, in the advertising world of the internet? None. It's not remotely like TV from a marketing point of view. Nor glossy magazines in the news stands. The internet was for sad people with no lives and nothing better to do. Wasn't it? So they missed the boat. The internet is about individuals, whether they're sad, happy, or somewhere in between. TV is a mass audience, stuck there in front of the screen watching the same thing at the same time. The internet is not at all like that. The marketers never really saw that for a long time. That's part of the maze in a haze. Internet marketing is not yet a stable part of the marketing mix, it's in the early stages of realization, the early stages of evolution, and the early stages of knowledge building.

The big bang may have happened, but the dust is not just settling, it's still flying around at great velocity.

This is what's so great about the internet in 2004. If you can keep cool, see through the flying debris and the dust storms, to focus on what you need to do, then you can come out ahead of the game. Well ahead of the game!

If that doesn't excite you, it should. Everything's still wide open. You're in at the beginning. Your new ideas could one day see you as a legend behind one part of what is then a stable internet marketing world. Even if not, you stand a very good chance of being able to build your own internet business, one that will stand the test of time. Do it!

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