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Where are You in the Internet Marketing Knowledge Pyramid?

I believe there's another reason that many of us have reached in the past or now, or will reach in the future, a point where we found it all very confusing. This is another reason for the maze in a haze. There are thousands of information products being touted on the web, many of which claim to reveal secrets of the successful internet millionaires and entrepeneurs. When you read the sales blurb you really expect to be given everything, a true step by step guide to achieving the ultimate success. But how do you know until you've actually bought it? There's also a very good chance that it's just a rehash of a genuine course, in precis. Or a long sales letter for something more expensive.

There is also a very real chance that the ebook you are tempted to buy will have been put together, in rehash fashion, by someone at the same level of internet marketing knowledge as you, or even below. For all you know, it could be written by a 14 year old who has only used the internet for a month.

Just for illustration purposes I have put together the internet marketing Knowledge Pyramid below. The actual %'s don't really mean anything. I do have some sort of basis for the top 2 levels. I have read that only 5% of affiliates ever make any money at all. I have also read that 95% of active websites never make any money. I have no way of verifying those figures, but I can quite believe them. Anyway, they will do for the time being. In reality, I'm sure the top internet gurus and entrepeneurs do not account for as many as 1%, but to talk about .000's of a % would be spurious accuracy to say the least! And of course, being top 5% in earnings does not really equate to top 5% in knowledge. But it will do for now.

Where would you place yourself on this pyramid? Scroll down, take a look and have a think about it. Or click here to open in a separate window.

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